About Nancy

I moved to Eugene to attend the University of Oregon, and stayed because of the landscape, the neighborhoods, and the way of life.  For 37 years I worked for academic libraries, at the Orbis Cascade Alliance (a consortium of university libraries) and for the University of Oregon. And some of you know me from when I also taught tap dancing in the evenings and on weekends! 

Growing up in Dallas, Texas, I attended public school, took numerous dance classes (one time I was a mouse in The Nutcracker), and had a stint managing the high school newspaper.  As a Brownie and Girl Scout I learned the values of stewardship and the motto, “Be prepared.” Today I still hold those values and work to promote policies for responsible, common-sense government service and budgeting, and taking care of the place we live.

Each summer I can be found picking blackberries, in the fall cheering for the Ducks, in the winter watching the birds in my back yard, and in the spring renewing my garden.  I enjoy educational and cultural travel, as well as tedious policy-wonk discussions, with my husband Steve. 

Throughout my years in Eugene I’ve worked on projects to benefit the community, through service on the planning commission, City Council, or other groups.  I chaired the committee to design the major expansion of parks and open space, and helped build and renovate fire stations.  I’m proud to be recognized as a “Children’s Champion” by the Oregon Alliance of Children’s Programs, as a Health Care Hero by the Oregon Primary Care Association, and to receive local awards for my work with parks and the West Eugene Wetlands, among others.

You can read more specific information about my background and honors here.