My primary committee assignments are budgetary (Joint Ways and Means and its subcommittees). In addition to the committees detailed below, I also serve on Legislative Administration Committee, and on workgroups and task forces covering specific topics including passenger rail and long term care for disabled persons and seniors. Previous assignments have included House Committee on Health Care, House Committee on Transportation and Economic Development, State Radio Project oversight group, and JWM Subcommittees on Public Safety and Capital Construction.

Standing Committees

Joint Committee on Ways and Means (JWM), Co-Vice-Chair

Ways and Means, sometimes called “the budget-writing committee” of the Legislature, is comprised of members from the House of Representatives and from the Senate.  The committee reviews recommendations from the seven subcommittees, requests to submit proposals for grant funding, and budgets deriving money from sources including taxes, fees, grants, federal allocations, lottery proceeds, and other sources. 

JWM Subcommittee on Human Services, Co-Chair

This subcommittee is responsible for the budgets of multiple agencies, such as the Oregon Health Authority, the Department of Human Services, and the Oregon Health Licensing Agency. Tax dollars not only fund operations, but also support hundreds of private sector and non-profit health and human service providers, which manage programs for some of Oregon’s neediest citizens.

Joint Committee on Information Management and Technology, Co-Chair

This joint House and Senate committee is responsible for overseeing information management and technology projects and proposals for state government agencies.

JWM Subcommittee on General Government

Reviews budgets for several departments, including the Department of Administrative Services which provides fleet, facilities, human resources, information technology, and other services for state government agencies; the Secretary of State and State Treasurer; and a number of boards and licensing agencies such as Tax Accountants, etc.

Emergency Board (“E-Board”)

Evaluates and acts on items needing immediate attention when the Legislature is not in session.  For example, if a program needs legislative approval to continue or end, or if approval is needed to expend federal funds.

Oregon Passenger Rail Leadership Council

Appointed by the Governor, this council guides the project studying potential improvements to the Oregon segment of passenger rail service connecting Eugene to Vancouver, B.C. (the “Cascadia Corridor”).  The Council evaluates alternatives for improving passenger rail service in the Willamette Valley, including the route, locations of stops, type of energy to power the trains (electric, diesel-electric), and service such as number of daily trips, on-time performance and travel time objectives.