Education, Schools, and Youth

Runaway and homeless youth: HB 2375 (2015) Working with Oregon Alliance of Children's Programs passed a bill to improve services and ensure effective local and state policies.

Supporting school health clinics: HB 2445 (2013) provides support, oversight, health system collaboration, and additional funding for school health clinics. Chief sponsor; passed.

Getting money to classrooms: HB 3401 (2013) allows school districts to request State School Fund dollars from education service districts to be directly available to schools. Chief sponsor; passed.

Other bills that I have sponsored:

HB 2650 (2015). Provides grants to schools to increase access to summer learning programs and school libraries in an effort to close the achievement gap and improve education outcomes. Hearing held, not included in final budget

HB 3307 A (2007-08): Directs State Department of Agriculture to consult with Department of Education for purpose of helping Department of Education develop Farm-to-School program.
HB 3362 (2011-12) Allows sponsor and public charter school to enter into cooperative agreement with other school districts for purpose of forming partnership to provide educational services. Passed.
JM 25 (2011-12) Urges Congress to reauthorize and extend Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000. Passed.
HB 4077 (2012) Directs each school district board to adopt policy regarding teen dating violence.  

HB 3473 (2011-12) Directs Superintendent of Public Instruction to enter into contracts for purpose of making educational information systems available to school districts.
HB 3683 (2011-12)  Establishes University of Oregon as independent public university, governed by Board of Directors.
SB 559 (2011-12) Establishes University of Oregon as independent public university, governed by Board of Directors.
SJR 20 (2011-12) Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to allow state to loan credit and incur specified amount of indebtedness to provide moneys to partially fund endowments at public universities.
HB 4062  (2011-12) Abolishes State Board of Higher Education and transfers functions to Oregon Education Investment Board.
Showing the House Chamber to visitors from a north Eugene schoolHB 4086  (2011-12) Establishes University of Oregon and Portland State University as independent public universities, governed by university boards of directors.
HB 4161  (2011-12) Requires Department of Education to collect performance report data for each school year regarding number of teachers and number of students assigned to each course offered by public educational providers.
HB 2004 (2007-08):  Appropriates moneys from General Fund to Department of Education for Oregon prekindergarten program.
HB 2637 A (2007-08): Requires school districts to adopt policy prohibiting cyberbullying.
HB 2703 (2007-08):  Requires Department of Education to advise school guidance counselors on techniques and tools for informing high school students of educational opportunities.