Making government work smarter: efficient, transparent, and accountable

I was chief sponsor and passed several bills to streamline government, improve accountability, and increase collaboration between agencies of state and local government:

Public contract accountability: HB 2375 (2015) improves oversight and accountability in public contracting and makes it easier for Oregon businesses to bid on state contracts.  Requires state agencies to use standard forms and templates, and requres training for contract administrators. Passed.   HB 4122 (2014) tightened legislative oversight and agency accountability for Information Technology contracts.

Consolidating applications processes.  HB 2219 (2015)  has the objective to simplify processes for people needing help and eliminate redundancy and waste.  Establishes a work group to design a consolidated application process for applying for different types of human service assistance programs. Passed.

Customer service at DMV: HB 4149 (2014) sets up an option for people who want or need an expedited process to get their vehicle title.

Criminal Background Checks. HB 4091 (2012) addresses redundant processes, requirements and clearance incompatibilities between state agencies, and aims to improve the thoroughness of some requirements.   Passed.

Revamping state and county services (HB 2920) (2009-10): Since the initial framework of our state and local government relationship was set up, they’ve continued to become increasingly complex. Oftentimes one of the results of this complexity is overlap, or redundancy in the system. We need to take a fresh look at the way we deliver our critical services, such as public safety, assessment and taxation, human services, elections, and other programs that are shared or delivered by both the state and county government. The objective of the task force created in this bill is to study ways of ensuring that state and county government relationships are set up to deliver programs in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.

Reduce Human Service Duplicative Audits. HB 2856 (2011-2012) requires state agencies to work with local governments to reduce administrative burdens, particularly duplicative audits, on human service program providers. Chief Sponsor. Passed.

Public-Private Collaboration to Preserve Oregon’s History. HB 2859 (Testimony) increases public and private collaboration to preserve Oregon history, reduce duplication of efforts, decrease costs and increase access. Chief Sponsor. Passed.

County Law Libraries, HB 2367 (2011-2012) Provides flexibility for counties to provide law library services and partner with associations or entities such as university libraries. Chief Sponsor. Passed.

Uniform Data Transmition, HB 2857 (2011-2012) would have created uniform electronic process to collect & transmit data from health service providers (this concept was added to SB 94, the uniform standards for health care financial and administrative transactions). Chief Sponsor.

More bills from my Government Efficiency Task Force, 2011

Government Efficiency Task Force Reauthorization, HB 2855 (2011) (Testimony).  The task force continues its work reviewing local and state government shared services in natural resources, education, elections, human services, and criminal justice. Chief Sponsor. Passed.

Consolidated and Shared Public Motor Pools, HB 2854 (2011) (Testimony). State and local governments will work together to consolidate use of vehicles or motor pool scheduling and maintenance services. Chief Sponsor. Passed.

HB 2476 (2011) Eliminate requirement for separate review of special properties  Passed.
HB 2478 (2011) Streamline process for appeals of large industrial property values - Tax Court. Passed.
HB 2482 (2011) Collaborate to house special populations in county jails. Passed. 
HB 3368 (2011) Transform hard copy, manual processes to electronic, automated processes at Department of Revenue. Passed.
HB 2474 (2011) Prioritize services, redesign systems – DHS.
HB 2479 (2011) Reduce duplication in inspection of county jail audits. 
HB 2483 (2011) Streamline and simplify public records disclosure exemptions criteria and processes.
HB 2653 (2011) Enable local Justice Courts to use Dept of Revenue collection services.
HB 2372  (2011) Information Technology interoperability for state and county agencies.
HB 2475 (2011) Refine procedure used for determining county inability to meet minimally adequate public safety in fiscal crisis.
HB 2492 (2011) Eliminates county-conducted election of political party precinct committee persons.
HB 2501 (2011) Better use of  law enforcement officer time while waiting for court appearances.

Other bills that I sponsored:

HB 2321 (2011-2012) Authorizes public body to send notice by electronic mail if person enters into agreement with public body to receive notice by electronic mail and certain other conditions are met. Passed.
HB 3325 (2011-2012) Modifies application of provision under which Department of Environmental Quality may enter into agreement with prospective purchaser of land under which purchaser is released from potential liability for certain releases, threatened releases or spills of hazardous substances or oil.  Passed.
HB 3375 (2011-2012) Modifies provisions for development and maintenance of telephone service that provides referral information regarding services after emergency and health and human services. Passed.

HB 2702 A (2007-08) Directs Governor to assign state agency responsibility for developing plan to ensure that written documents produced by executive department agencies conform to plain language standards.
SB 384 A (2007-08) Government: Prohibits school district, education service district or public charter school from entering into contract with administrator that obligates district or school to compensate administrator for work not performed.
SB 444 (2011-2012) Expands exemption of homemade beer, wine and fermented fruit juice from Liquor Control Act. Passed.

HB 3564 (2011-2012) Establishes Governor's Office of Information Technology and specifies powers, responsibilities and duties of office.
HB 3565 (2011-2012) Directs Dept. of Administrative Services to conduct assessment of state's information technology.
HB 3567 (2011-2012) Directs Oregon Department of Administrative Services to conduct assessment of state's desktop computers and mobile workstations.
HB 3568 (2011-2012) Requires Oregon Department of Administrative Services to establish project management process and certain standards for managing information technology projects for state government.
HB 3642 (2011-2012) Appropriates moneys from Oregon Rainy Day Fund to Department of Human Services, Oregon Youth Authority and Department of State Police for specified purposes.
HJR 40 (2011-2012) Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to require that initiative petition proposing law or constitutional amendment with fiscal impact also provide new tax or fee or increase in rate of existing tax or fee to cover immediate and future costs of law or amendment.
SB 781 (2011-2012) Requires qualifying electricity for which bundled renewable energy certificate is issued to be produced by facility to comply with renewable portfolio standard.
HB 4134  (2011-2012) Creates State Agency Innovation Fund.
HB 4135  (2011-2012) Requires insurer, if rate filing represents specified premium rate increase, to send notice to affected policyholders and persons who requested notification.
HB 2001 (2007-08): Directs Secretary of State to conduct performance and program audits on tax expenditures.