Health Care and Human Services

I was the chief sponsor for these bills aimed at increasing access and decreasing cost for health care and health insurance and improving services provided to children, seniors, and others: 

CARE Act: HB 3378 (2015) to improve care for people leaving hospital care. Working with AARP, passed the Caregiver Advise, Record, and Enable ensures that family caregivers are included as part of the care team and receive appropriate training when a person is discharged from the hospital.

Health care provider incentives. Oregon faces shortages of health care professionals in many areas around the state, and particularly in Lane County where access to primary care is limited for many individuals.  HB 3396 (2015) requires study, review, and recommendations regarding incentive programs targeted at recruiting and retaining health care providers. 

School health clinics: HB 2445 (2013) provides support, oversight, health system collaboration, and additional funding for school health clinics.  Passed.

Primary Care Providers. HB 2366 (2010-11) works to address our shortage of primary care providers by directing the Oregon Health Authority to develop a strategic plan for recruiting primary care providers to the state. Passed.

Human service providers: HB 2020 (2013) eliminates cost and burden of multiple certifications, allowing resources to be re-directed to serving children and families instead of paperwork. Passed.

Vaccine Stewardship. HB 2371 (2010-11) is designed to reduce errors that lead to wasted vaccine, avoid the costs to providers and the state for replacing spoiled vaccine and re-administering vaccine to individuals, and eliminate the burden on individuals who must return for revaccination. Passed.

Mental health.  HB 3332 (2013) Creates fund for crisis intervention and residential care for those suffering from mental illness. (funding for metal health treatment and services was increased in 2013)

Health insurance rates: HB 3103 (2007-08) requires Department of Consumer and Business Services to make premium rate filing information (rate increase requests from insurance companies) immediately available to public. Passed.

Increasing access to Affordable Health Care. Health clinics will have increased flexibility to schedule extended hours and use supervised physician assistants to provide basic health care at affordable rates. HB 3624 (2009-10)   Passed.

Health Care Cost Containment.  HB 2868 (2011-12) addressed advanced imaging cost and risk, and the rising costs of health care associated with its use. (The concept was added to the Heath Care Transformation Bill, HB 3650 which passed.)  

Helping local organizations: HB 2856 (2011) requires state agencies to work with local governments to reduce administrative burdens, particularly duplicative audits, on human service program providers, allowing them to focus their time and energy on serving people rather than unnecessary paperwork.  Passed.

Child Welfare. HB 2858 (2011-12) was designed to prevent child abuse in a stronger collaboration between Relief Nurseries and DHS. 

Some of the other bills that I have sponsored:

Field Burning. HB 3000 (2007-08): Prohibits open field burning, stack burning, pile burning and propane flaming.

Prescription Drugs.  HB 2523 (2007-08): Requires pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to annually disclose to Department of Justice certain economic benefits provided in conjunction with marketing of prescription drugs.
HB 3311 (2010-11) Requires Oregon Health Authority to explore ways to use doulas to improve birth outcomes for women who face disproportionately greater risk of poor birth outcomes. PASSED.
Physician Assistants. SB 224  (2010-11) Modifies provisions relating to regulation of physician assistants. PASSED.
HB4128 (2010-11) Requires health benefit plans to cover medically necessary dental or orthodontic services for treatment of craniofacial anomalies.  Passed 2012 session
Physician Assistants. SB 1565 (2010-11) Permits a physician to seek authority for a physician assistant to receive authority to write prescriptions. Passed 2012 session.
HB 2271 (2010-11) Prohibits health care facilities from charging or attempting to collect from patient or third party payer for cost of serious reportable event for which Medicare denies payment.
Toxics in children's bottles and beverage containers. 
HB 3689 (2010-11) Creates unlawful practice of manufacturing, distributing, selling or offering for sale child's beverage container or reusable bottle made or lined with bisphenol A (BPA) or replacement material that is carcinogenic or is reproductive toxicant.
Physical therapy. SB 439 (2010-11) Clarifies that statutes regulating physical therapy apply to person who uses word or title to induce belief that person is practicing physical therapy.
visiting a food pantrySJR 24 (2007-08): Recognizes importance of health care workforce in Oregon. 
Toxics. SB 945: Establishes task force to study phthalates in cosmetics. 
SB 3 C (2007-08): Creates Oregon Healthy Kids Program, which includes private health option to provide affordable, accessible health care to children.
Smoking. SB 571 C (2007-08): Expands prohibition of smoking in public places and places of employment.
Prescription drugs. HB 3433 (2007-08):  Expands Oregon Prescription Drug Program to include individuals with private prescription drug benefit program that does not cover one or more necessary drugs taken by individual.
Health insurance. HB 3300: Requires insurer to offer policy of group health insurance to chamber of commerce that satisfies requirements of association. 
HB 3253 (2007-08): Requires health benefit plans to provide coverage of human papillomavirus vaccine for female beneficiaries who are 11 years of age and older.
Health care cost containment (HB 2755) (2009-10): One of the top concerns I hear from constituents is the skyrocketing cost of health care and health insurance. The problem is not only large, it’s complex. And while the federal government is working on more sweeping health reform, there are things we can do here in Oregon to reduce some of our escalating costs. One of those possibilities for cost savings might be found in “reinsurance,” which is basically insurance for insurers. 
Prescription drugs. HB 2700 A (2007-08):  Requires prescription drug benefit program, or prescription drug benefit offered under health benefit plan or under student health insurance policy, to include coverage of contraception.
Prescription drugs. HB 2648 A (2007-08): Prohibits pharmaceutical manufacturing companies from providing certain gifts in conjunction with marketing of prescription drugs.
Smoking. HB 2571 (2007-08): Expands prohibition of smoking in public places and places of employment.
Prescription drugs. HB 2003 (2007-08): Prescription drug program: Permits all individuals who are residents of state and all public and private entities to participate in Oregon Prescription Drug Program.