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Since first running for the state legislature, I have focused on health care, consumer protection, and getting the most out of taxpayer dollars.   I promote and advocate for specific solutions to problems by working with people, speaking out publicly, and sponsoring and passing bills.

I continue to work on jobs and economic development as well.  As Oregon’s economy climbs out of a low point, I am emphasizing investments that create jobs now, support students and job retraining, and build our infrastructure to permanently benefit the public on projects like energy-efficient school renovation, pushing for improving the state’s rail system for passengers and freight, and new community college classrooms. 

Themes woven into my work include criminal justice system reform; home ownership and protecting neighborhoods; energy conservation and reducing reliance on fossil fuel; access to affordable primary health care; protecting children, seniors, and consumers; and stable school funding.

While staying focused on priorities, I enjoy working to pass legislation on a variety of other topics where I see an opportunity to help. In the most recent 2017 session I passed bills to close the loophole and end "dark money" in campaign finance, get a second set of eyes on psychotropic medication prescribed for seniors and disabled persons in residential facilities, and ensure that vaccines would be covered by insurance during health emergencies. In the 2015 legislative session I worked to provide minimum standards of justice statewide, protect college students' pre-paid tuition to for-profit colleges, reduce fees on college students' financial aid debit cards, rein in the public contracting process to ensure accountability, and create protections for tenants of manufactured housing parks trying to sell or rent their homes. I also worked to protect Oregon’s passenger rail system, fighting to maintain train service between Eugene and Portland. Other specific examples include bills designed to reduce theft of copper and other metals, jewelry and silver; increase public review of health insurance company rate increase requests; get more services to veterans; and streamline government and reduce red tape.  

voting in the House chamber

To read about some of my bills that I have worked to pass as the Chief Sponsor, click on Legislative Accomplishments.  For a longer list of bills that I have sponsored, visit the links provided below.


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