Supporting Veterans & Honoring Citizens

Services to Veterans.  

We should take every opportunity and every contact with a veteran to help provide services, regardless of which agency they contact.  Called the "no wrong door" policy, give advice and help with housing, education, health care, etc. and information to contact a county veteran service officer to assist with claiming federal benefits. 

HB 2230 (2015):  Increases outreach to help connect veterans with federal services by automatically provides ODVA with contact information for the thousands of veterans who contact the Oregon Health Authority. ODVA will reach out, and with the veteran's permission, provide additional assistance.   Passed.

HB 3104 (2009-10). I was the chief sponsor and advocate to pass this bill which helps provide more veterans with services, and bring more federal dollars to Oregon. A good portion of the money we spend on veteran’s services is reimbursable by the federal government – but only if we have an accurate count of the number of veterans in our state. There are tens of thousands of unidentified veterans in Oregon, many of whom would benefit from services that the state or federal government provides. This law provides us with new tools to aid in identifying former military service men and women living in Oregon, ensure they have access to relevant information and services, and that counties and the state get the proper reimbursement from the federal government.

Some of the other bills that I have sponsored:

HB 2019   (2011-2012) Provides that Adjutant General may not place or retain person in unit designated for active federal service outside state if person is sibling of person killed while serving on active duty with Armed Forces of United States. Passed.
HB 2919  (2011-2012) Authorizes Oregon Building Opportunities for Oregon Small Business Today Account if business hires veteran as new full-time employee. Passed.
HB 3416  (2011-2012) Establishes World War II Memorial Task Force to solicit private funding and arrange for development, design and construction of memorial to honor Oregon's World War II veterans. Passed.
HB 3500  (2011-2012) Directs Oregon Military Department to report to legislative committee on existing military cultural barriers that discourage service members from identifying barriers to reintegration into civilian life. Passed.
HB 3611  (2011-2012) Requires person who submits death certificate after decedent's death was caused by suicide to make reasonable efforts to ascertain and to notify Center for Health Statistics whether decedent was veteran. Passed.
HJM 11  (2011-2012) Urges Congress to allow apprenticeship training and on-the-job training as benefit in Post 9/11 GI Bill.
SB 241   (2011-2012) Requires state agencies to ask if customer or client is veteran and provide information from Dept. of Veterans' Affairs and reintegration team within Oregon Military Department to veterans. Passed.
HJR 25 A (2007-08): Commending Oregon fire service members and declaring January 27 of each year Fire Service Appreciation Day.
HB 2522 (2007-08): Veterans: Requires Department of Veterans' Affairs to provide information about depleted uranium and depleted uranium compounds and to assist veterans exposed to depleted uranium and depleted uranium compounds in obtaining health screening.
HB 3308A (2007-08): Veterans and Military: Allows members of Oregon National Guard to enroll in specified classes at state institution of higher education or community college at no cost.

Other Memoriam and Honors 

HCR 204 (2011-2012) Honors the University of Oregon Football team, 2012 Rose Bowl Champions. Passed.
SCR 201 (2011-2012)  Recognizes and honors Eugene Police Officer Chris Kilcullen for his services to the state. Passed.
HCR 23 (2011-2012) In memoriam: Ben Westlund, 1949-2010. Passed.
SCR 13 (2011-2012) Honors Eugene Water & Electric Board for 100 years of utility service. Passed.