In The District

As your State Representative, Nancy’s number one priority is you! Nancy enjoys connecting with the community and hearing from residents of District 13. Neighborhoods include Northeast Neighbors, Harlow, Cal Young, Goodpasture, River Road, Santa Clara, Whiteaker, Trainsong, and Jefferson-Westside.  View the official map on the Legislative website

Here’s a sample of the many ways she impacts our community:

Supporting constituents

 From helping the the local child care business owner who pointed out costly state forms and mailings, to working with doctors who are helping design a proposal to increase access to primary care providers, and pushing for safety improvements on Delta Highway, Nancy is always working for you.

Listening to the community

Nancy talks with constituents at occasional informal conversations at neighborhood coffee shops and town hall meetings, and takes the time to meet with local businesses and groups around the community. 

A sample of her meetings and visits:

  • Youth organizations such as the Northwest Youth Corps, Oregon Student Association, and OSPIRG university representatives
  • The Teen Advocacy Council at the Hands for Health benefit
  • Local manufacturers, from wood products to chocolates and game software
  • Kiwanis, AARP, Relief Nurseries, CASA, and Kids' First Center
  • School classrooms, gardens, and health centers
  • Ambulatory surgical centers
  • Volunteer leaders and key advocates for AARP, and many more.

Spreading the word: resources for you to use

Through her website and newsletters Nancy shares resources and important information, such as:

  • How to get up-to-the-minute road conditions on
  • Earthquake and disaster preparedness information
  • Financial aid resources for students
  • Recent laws to crack down on fraud
  • How to claim the earned income tax credit
  • New regulations to help homeowners facing foreclosure
  • Local programs that reduce energy usage and utility bills
  • Improving health care and access to affordable health insurance

Protecting Passenger Rail

During the 2015 legislative session, funding for passenger rail (Amtrak) service between Eugene and Portland was threatened to be cut off. Seniors, students, and commuters starting speaking out. Nancy convened meetings with her legislative colleagues to explore options to keep the trains running, and testified in several committees in favor of restoring funding to passenger rail. By the end of the session, funds were secured to maintain service connecting Eugene to the rest of the Pacific Northwest. Nancy understands how critical this service is for constituents of all ages.

Speaking up against Renaming Beltline

Immediately after hearing the plan to re-name Beltline Highway, Nancy went to work fighting government waste.  Nancy and her colleagues publicly asked the Commission to re-consider the project and find alternatives to eliminate or reduce the cost. They distributed a public letter voicing concern with the project, had discussions with the Governor’s office, agency staff, and Transportation Commission, and deliveredtestimony for the Transportation Commission hearing that proposed a common sense compromise. Ultimately the Transportation Commission changed the project, reducing the cost to less than 1% of the original estimate.